The Journey

This is a story about learning to love addict children while finding a way to hold on to myself during the process. It describes how I came to understand the value of setting strong boundaries, rediscovering the true meaning of love and how to have a life in the middle of living with practicing addicts.

The journey takes me through my personal discovery of watching my children develop into alcoholic addicts and my own denial of what was happening before my very eyes.

It is about my growing up, facing the truth and learning that NOTHING is bigger than God, not even my children who I thought I had lost to the disease of addiction.
This is my story.
This is our story.

With love I share my story with you.

6 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. I believe these wonderful, beautiful and challenging children were born to me so that one day I could share my story, their story, our story with the world.
    This is a story about a mother’s journey coming to terms with the fact that ALL her children were born addict/alcoholics and that addiction is a disease not a social stigma to be embarrased and ashamed about.
    My story share is to all mothers of addicts that you are not alone. This is not your fault. Your children were born this way.
    Now what….Follow along as I take you from how I went from agony and heartache to acceptance and happiness.

  2. Angela Cherice Lee says:

    Many addict/alcoholic children grow up to be spouses and parents. Thank you for sharing your life and journey. Your example of love and hope helped me cope with a spouse who was an addict. Thank you for your power and determination to not give up to negative living.

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