I just wanted to write a book

It was never my intention to really write a book. But what began to happen was, as I shared with other mothers my journey, they asked if I would ever consider writing a book and sharing my experience so that they could benefit from my lessons.

Hm….I thought….Me….Write a book?

So the journey began. And what a painful journey it’s been. Not only have I  had to go back and write about the situations with my children, I’ve to be still long enough to have those memories rise up, yet again, in my heart and relive the feelings I experienced as a mom with these beautiful and challenging drug addict children.

What I’m continuing to discover each day that I sit down to pour out my soul to you who struggle with children who are hurting is this…. I thought I was raising them but what is happening is that THEY are raising me and have given me life lessons and experiences that have forced me to my knees in prayer and surrender. These precious children have led me right back into the loving arms of God. 

I am the woman and mother I am today, not in spite of them, but because of them. I never realized how truly blessed I was until I began to take this high road and share my heart with you.  

Thank you Matthew, Katie and Shawn. YOU have enriched my life.


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