High Risk Prayer

At church on Sunday the sermon was on High Risk Prayer.

“Ok,” I thought. “What exactly is a High Risk Prayer?”

The preacher was quick to answer my thoughts.

It is a prayer that one asks to bring about a change that is so paramount to one’s life, that it will never be the same. A prayer that could change your life IMMEDIATELY.

“Hmmm.” I pondered. I guess that wouldn’t be the prayer that’s asks God for a green light so I can get home really quick so I can go to the bathroom.

Or even the prayers that seek help for my children, my family or even my business.

A high risk prayer is that prayer that one might be too afraid to pray because everything is really good right now, so why rock the boat.  

The prayer looks like this:

Please God……

  1. Send me.
  2. Test me.
  3. Why not me.
  4. Challenge me.
  5. Use me.
  6. Search me.

Yikes. That kind of prayer takes great courage, at least it does for me.

I like my life quiet and simple. I don’t particularly go running into the closet that has the word ‘Change” on top of it. You know why? Because in the past when I have opened that door even a little bit, those demons that I have been so desperately trying to hold at bay want to jump out and scare me.

Does change scare you too? Like the “What if’s” of life?

Having been a part of a 12 Step Program for over 18 years  I looked at what the preacher was saying and compared it to what I am working on in my program.

Step 1 is about admitting I am powerless. Oh how I didn’t want to go there. Me? Powerless? No way. I can make the changes I need in myself and my family to keep things moving easily and smoothly. Right? Wrong. Who am I kidding? Control over my life and circumstances is an illusion at best.

Step 2 is about acknowledging that since I cannot control anything, often times even my own mouth or my desire to indulge in sugar, I need assistance and this step encourages me to ask God to help restore my sanity. Who said anything about being crazy? If I am honest with myself and step back to look at my behavior patterns, I guess I could definitely say I have my moments.

Step 3 is all about making a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God. Surrender. Let go. Do my part and let go of the results. That would definitely go along the lines of “Test Me.”

And Step 4 is about making a fearless and moral inventory of myself, the seemingly good and maybe not so good.  Now I can totally see this has everything to do with the “Search Me” prayer.

What I am learning weekly as I fellowship with a larger community of people who believe like me is that life gets easier when shared with others. I get filled up when I go and share space with those who encourage and love me.

Whether it’s a 12 step meeting, a bible study, or community church, there are many similarities.

Life was never meant to be lived alone. We were meant to be in fellowship with others.

I don’t know what your belief system is or if you even have one.

Maybe you believe in God but don’t trust God. I lived in that place for most of my life. Maybe you have a Higher Power that is a force of nature like the ocean or a tree. Maybe you just talk out loud to the universe and know that something bigger than you is running the show.

What I know for me is that I hunger to be the best person I can be every day.  My desire is to have God show me the character defects that keep getting in the way of me having a life of peace and serenity. I don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

I was born to be in a relationship with God. I am lonely when I’m not. And when I am disconnected, I put on others the job of taking care of my needs in a way that is impossible for them. It’s at those times when I need to turn away from my anger, frustration and resentments and go inside. Get quiet. Be still. Listen.

And then get on my knees and pray the High Risk prayer.

If my life never gets any better than it is right now, am I going to be fulfilled? No.

 If I want more, I must be willing to seek the changes in myself that I am desperately seeking in others.

Be the change.

Dear God.

Help me to be willing to Change!!!







2 thoughts on “High Risk Prayer

  1. Michele says:

    You are so amazing. There aren’t too many people in this world that you can know for 30ish years and still be inspired,  heart touched and dazzelled over and over.  You are quite an amazing woman, Susan Goodson. Sounds like the Grove is the place you and your beautiful spirit are to be.  Loving u

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Reverb.

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