This Place of Gray:


Where do you go when you slip into that shadowy place of gray where you don’t feel love, supported or accepted?

I can’t say it’s pitch black here because I know there is light. And I understand that this feeling is only a momentary and passing sensation of loneliness which is being manifested in my mind.
My heart knows better because God lives in my soul and I trust in His divine love and care. But there are just times when I peer at the world through lenses of my thoughts which always create distortion to a certain degree. The all or nothing. It’s perfect or awful. It’s good or bad. It’s black or white.

I know that this is a lie I can fall into believing when I have lost my connection with God. It’s the place of fear that I move into so easily without even knowing I’m going there. It’s the all too familiar which I truly despise but I go there anyway and then find myself crying out for God’s help when I feel lost……Again!

I can’t fix a feeling not will I judge it. A feeling isn’t right or wrong. It just Is. So I accept it for what it is, a feeling that will pass and quicker if I stop fighting it while letting it sit with me during a moment of quiet to pass over me when it’s ready.

Lets hope it’s soon as I replace it with gratitude for having the ability and awareness to recognize where I am and be okay with the constant evolving journey to peace.


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