Pain, Perception, Forgiveness

This morning during my quiet time I had a chance to reflect on Pain, Perception and Forgiveness.

I was brought back to a time in my life when something I said was taken out of context and someone I loved was hurt.

After that person shared with me that what I said caused them pain (which by the way took a great amount of courage to put their vulnerability out there) I got angry.

I was furious with them because what I said was not mean, never meant to be taken as mean spirited and was totally exaggerated on their part.

Their perception was clearly off by a mile.

But what I realized later was that my anger was a byproduct of embarrassment. I felt some shame for having harmed the spirit of someone I cared about whether it was intentional on my part or not.

Perception is truth.

I perceived that was I spoke was harmless.

Their perception was different and they were offended.

I stopped….In my emotional tracks and listened to my heart.

What now?

I hurt someone I loved and the only thing I could do was ask for their forgiveness.

It didn’t matter who was right or wrong.

What mattered was that I hurt another human being.

And today I know, at my core, if I ever again speak a word or flash a look that brings harm to another person’s spirit, I will again ask for their forgiveness.

For it is in asking for forgiveness relationships are restored and the hearts are mended.





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